24 Kasım 2014 Pazartesi

Figurinistanbul Grup Buluşmasından..

Figurinistanbul grubu olarak ilk buluşmamız gerçekleştirdik.Zamanlarını ayırarak bizlere destek veren herkese teşekkürler.

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  1. Very cool. Though what kind of looks did you all get taking your models to a cafe in Istanbul? :D Can only imagine the comments there :D :D :D

    1. This was a fantastic event to get to meet all the people interested in figure painting MR Lee. I myself brought a metal GW figure (yes they still exist!), a Varghulf, to ask about preparations phase and what could be done before the lick of paint.

      Basically we did a little C&C on all our stuff and talked about ideas to improve the community and increase the audience :)